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Adopted – Nala (2yrs)

Due to a change in circumstance this beautiful Dobie girl has arrived in our care.

  • People:  friendly with everyone / lived with 1yr old children and allows her to take her ball / wants to lick everyone’s face
  • Dogs:  friendly on and off lead with other dogs / plays with other family members dogs (Lab and Cocker Spaniel) / the previous owner put her in kennels on occasion where she got to play with other holidaying dogs
  • Can be left home alone
  • Travels well in the car
  • Crate training:  settles well in her crate at night, when left home alone and for relaxation after mealtimes…she has been known to take herself off to her crate for down time.
  • Cats:  unknown
  • Update (11.07.23): 2 wheels – Nala will need a lot of counter-conditioning around anything on 2 wheels and scooters. In the car she barks if she sees them, on lead she barks and lunges.
  • Special feature:  loves a frisbee and might try to take your socks if you leave them lying around
  • Marker word is ‘yes’

She is currently in foster care, with a male and female Dobie and a grumpy Yorkie. She is doing great although she does have to be reminded, on the odd occasion, that the other dogs need their space but she’s learning by the day.

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