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Whether you own a Dobie or not you can still get involved, we welcome all; help us raise funds for dogs in need, attend one of social gatherings or join in with our social media events. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our income comes from donations and fundraising activities; there are many costs associated with rescuing a dog including veterinary treatment, kennelling costs, food and transport.

No amount is too big or too small, please donate by hitting the button in the top right or donate by joining one of our fundraising activities with a chance to win a fabulous prize. In anticipation of your donation, thank you, you have just helped us to give our dogs the best form of care and help that we can as they continue their rehoming journey.

The events calendar will show you what’s on this month, but to understand more please keep reading.

  • Join our Facebook Group ‘Lincs Dobermann Rescue Charity 1172592’. A friendly, family like community of people experiencing the joys and struggles of dog ownership; interact with like-minded people.
    • We love to see pictures and videos of your dogs
    • We love to hear your stories, delights and struggles
    • Share information which might be useful to other dog owners
    • Join our group, post photos of your dog and you might find your dog featured, in pride of place, on our Facebook group banner.
Lincs Dobermann Rescue tess
Lincs Dobermann Rescue Didee & monty
  • Join Lincs Dobermann Rescue Fundraising Group’ on Facebook. Here you will find ways of donating through numbers boards, name cards, fun virtual dog shows with all sorts of categories so no one need feel excluded (prizes awarded) and more, with an opportunity to win a fabulous prize:
    • a holiday with your dog
    • a commissioned painting of your dog
    • doggy bundles…it’s about the dogs not you 😊…through to…
    • …. a pair of slippers, yep, we’ve got you covered for Christmas 😊
  • Become a ‘Dobie Mate’. We would love it if you would consider making a monthly donation to our charity (no amount too big or too small) and so become a Dobie Mate. The benefits of being a Dobie Mate include:
    • move to the top of the wating list if you have submitted an adoption application;
    • a thank you gift for joining…don’t get too excited; 😊
    • access to our Dobie Mates Facebook page where you will be the first to know what is planned, new or going on…a little bit of inside information, along with some training tips and support…ask away;
    • Free Facebook live sessions: Q&A sessions and/or presentations from top dog trainers and dog sport competitors…and anyone else we can rope in who can help guide us to a better relationship with our dogs;
    • Reduced rates for entries into our events.

If you would like to become a ‘Dobie Mate’ click here

  • Social Gatherings:
    • join us at a training event
    • visit our stand at a dog show or better still…
    • …join us at our annual fun dog show ‘Dobiefest’. All breeds welcome. Dobie and other breed classes are separated so everyone gets an opportunity to win.  Start teaching a trick now …there is always a ‘best trick’ class 😊.  We have a Facebook page dedicated to this event where you can find out more; what trade stands are going, what trainers and demonstrations are taking place and of course, the all important dog show classes.
Dobiefest poster

Donate a prize, please email us at if you have a prize you would like to donate to help us raise funds.

Prizes are won by those entering our many fundraising events, both on-line or at one of our social gatherings.

Question:  How else can I help?   

Answer:  There are many more ways you can get involved to help the dogs in need, just follow this link: How can I help?