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Rio (boy – 10mths) & Remi (girl – 12mths)

Update: Remi has a meet and greet booked / Update: Rio – adoption pending Rio & Remi (has light blue fittings on her collar) were handed into another rescue a day ago. We have been contacted and arranging to bring them into our care – both are looking for a

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Toby (10mths) – meet and greet booked

• People: – strangers to the home – goes for a fuss when they arrive / strangers outside of the home – not bothered – kids: good – lives with a 2yr old boy / might sniff and lick them – has never shown any signs of resource guarding toys

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Kovu (1yr 9mths) -meet and greet booked

• People: – strangers arriving at the home – can be very vocal/excited when first sees someone coming up to the house but then when they are in the house he is loving and cuddly -strangers outside of the home – good, will seek attention from them if permitted –

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Zeus (1yr)

• People: – jumps on strangers when they first come into the home then lies on top of them – excited to meet strangers outside of the home – lived with children ages (8 & 10yrs) – gets a bit over excited around them…when they are also hyper! – never

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Millie, a Lincs Dobermann Rescue Dog

Millie (4.5yrs – neutered)

Currently in foster care with a trainer who said, “she is very sweet, responds to her name, but there is some reactivity towards other dogs, but nothing crazy – I’ve helped far worse.” Millie needs to be the only dog in the home, she is looking for a home with

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Helga, a Lincs Dobermann Rescue Dog

Helga (1yr 8mths)

A direct rehome is planned for this dog. This means that the dog will not have to go into foster care or kennels; it’ll go from its current home directly to the adopter’s home, which means the dog doesn’t have to go through more change than is necessary.  If you

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