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The Rehoming Process

The first step is to complete a rehoming request; please give us as much information as possible, the more information we have the easier it is for us to ensure your dog is matched to the right home.

Once we’ve received your rehoming request we will be in touch.

What can you expect from us:

  1. Friendliness and non-judgemental support throughout the process.
  2. We try to put dogs into foster homes whilst they are assessed and waiting for a home to be found. However this is not always possible so we rent space in commercial kennels that give us open access to the dogs and access to the exercise field where we can have some play time, training and mental stimulation sessions. The kennels are based in North Shropshire.
  3. We do home checks and meet the adopters.
  4. GDPR means that we cannot share the adopters’ details, and of course this works both ways so we will not share yours with the adopter.

If you have made the decision to rehome your Dobermann, please click to confirm that you have read the above information and understand how the rehoming process works.