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How can i help the rescue?

Volunteering Ideas

Donated time is as valuable to us as monetary donations are.  Maybe you can help in some way by helping us raise money, awareness or by helping with the dogs in kennels who are still waiting for their forever homes.

If you can help in some way, please email us at: and tell us how you can help.

  • Events: check out the events calendar. If you spot an event near you or one you plan to attend maybe you can help with the set up or taking a stint running one of the stalls.
  • Admin: help ease the workload of the current team:
    1. prepare a post to help the dogs find a forever home
    2. manage microchip registrations and transfers
    3. make follow up calls after a dog has been rehomed
    4. arrange home checks
    5. follow up calls to new adoption applications…find out more about them
    6. maybe you have a head for numbers and can help with the accounts
    7. keep our website current
    8. manage the events calendar
    9. joining the fundraising team, help to generate new ideas or co-ordinate an on-line event
    10. join the Dobiefest organising team.
  • The dogs in kennels:
    1. Spend some time with the dogs at the kennel. Get to know the dogs and the kennels so that you feel confident to get them out of the kennels and work and play with them in the exercise field
    2. Help with the dog assessments
    3. Take one out for some environmental socialisation
    4. Take one to a training session
    5. Take care of their medical needs, organising vaccinations, worming and taking them to the vet.
  • Powers of persuasion: you might be the sort of person who is great at persuading business to sponsor events, attend an event to promote their product or donate prizes…we are always on the lookout for great prizes.
  • My specialist subject is…: maybe you are proficient or knowledgeable in an area that would benefit our Dobie members and the wider dog community.  Maybe you could commit to a series of social media posts, a Facebook Live, or even allow us to run an event with you where members can bring their dogs along and get some hands-on guidance.
  • Charity donation box: maybe you know a great place for a donation box, a place you can deliver it, monitor it, collect the proceeds and send them to us.
  • Organise an event for sponsorship: An example of a previous event someone arranged was a ‘fire walking’ evening. It was well attended, and although it took some courage from those that did the fire walk, the sense of achievement was well worth it and everyone found something to laugh about.
  • Set your own sponsorship challenge to raise funds. We’ve had some cracking ones run by some wonderful people:
    1. Ann Edwards walked 1,000,000 steps over a 6-month period, which her two Dobies thoroughly enjoyed and in the meantime, Ann kept superfit.
    2. Serena May walked the Kent Coastal Path from Camber to Ramsgate over a period of 6 days. This took some rigorous planning, with places to stay and transport for her belongings needing to be sourced, but she did it with her Lincs boy Starsky making the most of each stage of the walk.
    3. William Bromwich along with his legendary Dobie boy Jackson raised thousands of pounds for us, from taking a collection box into his local area whilst wearing crazy fancy dress outfits, through sponsored walks, making Dobie walking sticks, bottle stoppers, and even boot holders as well as donating some fabulous prizes to our fundraising activities, all to benefit dogs in our care. Tragically, Jackson passed away (from DCM) the day before his 3rd birthday, but his sterling efforts gained him a posthumous PDSA Commendation for Fundraising for Charity.
  • There are many more great ideas which our members have come up with to help the dogs in our care including creating fabulous artwork, running in Marathons and Canicross events to name a few.
  • Have a car boot sale: There are two crazy ladies up in County Durham that regularly run car boot sales come rain, shine or frost, with all the proceeds donated to Lincs Dobermann Rescue.
  • If you have your own idea about how you can help, then please share it with us.

If you can help in some way, please email us at: and tell us how you can help.