Lincs Dobermann Rescue

About Lincs Dobermann Rescue

  1. Our Mission:  to gather and harness experience and expertise and to explore all options available to ensure Dobies in need are given the opportunity for a safe, secure, and fulfilled life.
  2. Our Values: honesty, integrity, politeness, inclusivity, flexibility and ongoing support.

Lincs Dobermann Rescue (LDR) is a UK Charity Registered 1172592 operating throughout the UK mainland. We started life back in 2017 in Lincoln and we continue to have a very strong bond with the area; volunteers and many of the dogs we’ve rehomed are based there.

We have seen some changes over the years. Our flexibility and ability to adapt and expand has enabled us to help a constant stream, and seemingly increasing number of Dobies in need of new homes.

Our Charity Governing Document means we can only accept dogs from UK dog pounds or homes and we only place dogs with adopters within the UK mainland. We are not able to import dogs, however we are willing to rehome dogs that have already been imported.

We work alongside other rescue and rehoming organisations and charities helping them if they have a Dobie in need of rehoming. We are Animal Partners with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, registered and work with The Animal Team as well as being a recognised Breed Rescue with The Kennel Club.

We have a team of volunteers covering all aspects needed to keep the charity running, but more importantly our team donate time, effort and expertise to ensure our Dobies all have a successful rehoming journey.

We rely on the support and generosity of people like you to raise the funds needed to provide safety, food, transport, veterinary care and rehabilitation for our dogs to ensure their rehoming journey is as stress free as possible.

Meet Starsky

Contacting Lincs was one of the best decisions we have ever made. You brought us the most wonderful companion and we will always be grateful for the work you all do. One of the amazing team members brought Starsky to us; at 10 months old and 40kg’s, you weren’t exactly the little puppy brother that we had originally planned for Layla!

You’ve been hard work, challenging, difficult, irritating and at times a right royal pain in the butt! However, you’ve also been loving, soft, loyal, intelligent, funny, a fantastic sniffer dog, a big gentle giant and we couldn’t have wished for a better dog and brother for Layla. You’ve brought us so much joy and make us smile everyday. We love you Starsky! Xxx