Lincs Dobermann Rescue

Fostering a Dobie

Foster carers quote: “often challenging, always rewarding”. Are you up for the challenge and to reap the reward of knowing that you’ve helped ready a Dobie to join a forever home?

The cost of fostering: LDR cover the costs of everything from food to equipment, veterinary care and anything else the dog needs to help ready it for its forever home. The only cost to you is your time.

What are the key things you can expect:

  • The unexpected. Dogs are unlikely to have been assessed by us before they arrive in your care; we will only know what the previous owner has told us. It is unlikely that a balanced healthy Dobie is going to need fostering as these are the dogs we can usually find homes for quickly. So you will need to be prepared to deal with the following:
    • poor manners; setting clear boundaries
    • dogs that the owners tell us are unable to be left home alone; crate training will be an important part of the process in readying a dog for its forever home. This can mean some sleepless nights
    • under socialisation to the environment and or other dogs and people
    • leash frustration
  • Trips to the vet, medication and treatments to bring the dog back to good health
  • Disruption to your normal routine and freedoms

If you have another dog in the home, it will need to be neutered. You will also need to have the capacity to segregate the resident dog and foster dog should things not work out between them.

Help us to help more Dobies like Marnie

She arrived with us in a terrible state, she had been found wandering the streets as a stray. 

First things first, she needed a safe place to recover and so she went to live with one of our amazing foster carers (we are always looking for more of these amazing people).

Then a trip to the vet was needed to get her vaccinated and the right medication for her skin condition (it was an allergy to fleas).

Next up, we needed to raise funds to help cover her medical costs so we ran a competition; the lucky winner got to choose a name for her. Join our Fundraising Group –  Lincs Dobermann Rescue Fundraising Group

A few special baths later, a good diet and some exercise to help build some muscle and look at the fabulous girl she turned out to be.

A true character; a sassy ‘tealeaf’ who loves to spend time with her humans, likes to play with her special ball and charge around a field with what appears to be no sense of purpose whatsoever.