Lincs Dobermann Rescue

Lincs Dobermann Rescue works with other organisations to rescue Dobies

Lincs Dobermann Rescue are recognised as a Kennel Club Breed Rescue, working to the Kennel Club code of conduct.

We work closely with The Animal Team who undertake home checks on our behalf as well as bringing in their team of transporters who help with the transport of  some of the dogs in our care. This ensures that we can operate across the UK freeing up our resources to dedicate to the dogs in our care. As a registered Charity, The Animal Team is run entirely by Volunteers from the Trustees and Admin to their amazing teams; we have found this partnership to be beneficial to us both.

Lincs Dobermann Rescue are Animal Partners with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Registered charity no. 206394

Meet Caesar

This deep chested, majestic looking boy came to us at 8years in his golden years. Older dogs don’t normally come to us because the owners are struggling with behavioural issues, they come to us because of unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances in family life. We get very few applicants prepared to adopt an older dog. Some people believe that if they get a younger Dobie they will be able to train and mould it to fit their life better, but this can take time, effort and sometimes the help of a dog trainer. Older dogs are usually calm and well adjusted to life and living appropriately in the home; they are often a great option for a first time Dobie owner and those with a family.

This boy was lucky, he got a new home with an amazing lady who has done some ‘end of life care’ fostering for us in the past and puts her all into giving the Dobies everything they need to make their lives comfortable and fulfilled. She doesn’t have much, and so finds some fabulously clever ways to provide enrichment with the things she has around her. 

Quote from his adopter:  “from day one it was like he’s always been here, I’ve not had to deal with any bad behaviours inside or outside of the home.  We’ve been on holiday together; he was great in the accommodation and a superstar out on walks and visiting different places and cafes.  I can’t thank you enough for trusting him to me”