Lincs Dobermann Rescue

Lincs Dobermann Rescue

Charity Reg 1172592


We are a national charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming beautiful Dobermanns and securing safe forever homes.

Meet Trooper

This handsome tripaw chap is a bit of a mascot for Lincs Dobermann Rescue, no wonder, he is a true trooper.  He had a really rough start in life. At age 10 weeks, he came to our rescue with deformed legs caused through poor diet and over exercise.

He went directly into the care of one of our trustees, where he received the medical care he needed.  No expense was spared to try and save his front legs. The prognosis for the left was poor and the right was so severely deformed that it wasn’t operable and euthanasia was suggested. The decision was taken to have the right leg amputated and give the pup a chance.

He has remained with the trustee who continues to meet his medical needs, with weekly hydrotherapy trips and regular veterinary check-ups to monitor if the additional stress put on his remaining limbs is generating any further issues.

He is such a character, nothing stops him, except the ‘face-planting’ when he’s playing chase.  He enjoys group training classes, annoying his doggy girlfriends and often steals his human’s phone so he can communicate with all his Facebook fans.

The Lincs Dobermann by Stephen Pomeroy

Once an outcast, roamer in the night, a Dobermann, alone, far from sight.

From alley shadows to the city’s glow, alone where the cold winds blow.

Black and tan, a silhouette against the moon, solitude his constant, unending tune.

Yet within his eyes, ember sparks remained, the hopeful glimmers of love unfeigned.

In the vast expanse of life, he floated alone, this homeless Dobermann, name and home unknown.

Yet destiny would call, in a melody so sweet, when a family, brimming with love, he would meet.

Beyond the facade of breed, they peered within, where a soul echoed, waiting for love to begin.

They truly saw him, in the twilight’s glow, and knew their shared journey was ready to grow.

In the heart of Spring, they drew him near, whispered sweet promises into his ear.

They pledged him warmth, a love that won’t depart, a home for him, where he could restart.

Now, as Summer’s dawn begins to rise, a new light kindle in his hazel eyes.

In a grassy garden, under the sun’s embrace, life blooms anew, each day a grace.

His coat now gleams beneath the sun, in this family’s love, a new life begun.

His days are filled with joyful play, no more lonely nights, no more disarray.

His tail wags, like an emblem in the breeze, among the rustling, whispering trees.

He bounds with joy, barks echo high, underneath the vast, sapphire sky.

From each sun-soaked morning to twilight’s glow, love surrounds him, in its gentle flow.

Once alone, he now belongs, singing the chorus of summer’s songs.

The Dobermann, once homeless, now embraced, in his eyes, no sadness traced.

A family’s love, a radiant beam, casting shadows of sorrow into a dream.

So let us cheer for this noble friend, whose broken heart found a way to mend.

For he found a home, a family’s heart, where he was meant to be, right from the start.

To Lincs Dobermann Rescue and the team so kind, who seek the lost, so they may find.

A thousand thanks for homes you’ve known, For hearts like his, no more alone.