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Hi, I’m Dixie

Formerly known as Miss Norwich

She was found as a stray but the owners declined to take her back when they realised it would cost them money.

Her 7 days were up yesterday and Andrew Jackson made the trip to collect her and bring her to safety. She’s lovely with people, not great around other dogs, not bad on a lead but absolutely stressed out in the kennels – at the moment she’s with Andy and Sharon Jackson but they already have 2 Dobies and 2 Donkeys so that can’t be a long term solution. She’s off to our Vet tomorrow for a full health check.

Please, if there is anyone with a kind heart out there who can find a space in their home for Miss Norwich until we can find her a forever home, get in touch. Lincs cover all the costs so there is no financial impact. Thanks in advance

We were lucky enough to get Dixie from Lincs rescue around 3 weeks ago. She has already stolen our hearts. Slipping so seamlessly to our lives, it’s rather like she has been with us for years.

She is just the sweetest and happiest dog, who loves her walks about as much as cuddles and scratches.

It’s such a privilege to be able to offer a loving and good-natured lady a retirement home. We adore her and she really is just the best girl!

I was so impressed by Lincs rescue and the effort of Dixie’s foster carers Andy and Sharon put into uniting us with Dixie. Most importantly Andy and Sharon gave us accurate and realistic assessment of Dixie and her character, so we could do our best to make sure we could offer her the care she needs to be happy, healthy and content.

Cannot express the joy Dixie has brought into our lives and we will always be thankful to Lincs for their amazing work in saving our lovely dog.