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Adopted – Zak (8 months)

His current owner needs some unexpected hospital care/procedures and after he returns home will need a lot of recuperation and so will not be able to meet Zaks needs. 

  • People:  friendly with everyone inside and outside of the home although he is lively and likely to jump up / untested around children
  • Other dogs:  on lead – friendly, might play bow and bark at first / off lead – only been off lead with a JRT (male), he played nicely and when told off he backed off / can be homed with a spayed female or as an only dog
  • Crate trained:  he sleeps in it at night (door closed) / he loves his crate and will take himself off to it during the day
  • Can be left home alone (up to 4hrs) – he will bark for a few minutes and then takes himself off to his crate and sleeps the time away
  • Car travel:  he has only done short journeys and each time his owner has sat in the back with him – he doesn’t bark and isn’t sick but has not learnt to settle.
  • Loves a game of tug
  • Cats:  untested
  • Special feature:  he likes to get up late – he has last toilet around 11pm, in the morning he likes to lie in until around 9am.

He is currently still with his owner, but time is of the essence and so we are looking for potential adopters who are ready immediately to welcome a gorgeous Dobie boy into their lives.

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