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Adopted – Rufus (5yrs/entire)

21.06.23 – updated photo added at end of the text section.

This gorgeous, but under-weight chap came to us on 01.06.23 from a dog warden kennels and so we don’t have any knowledge of his history.  He is currently in a fabulous foster home living with 2 x calm older Dobies (a neutered male and female – 10yr & 9yrs) & a neutered Yorkie (12yrs) who is a bit grumpy. The information we have provided below is based on his time in foster care and may be updated as we discover more.

  • People:  friendly with all in the home, and strangers arriving at the home / does hump foster carers leg if not getting the attention he wants (stopping this behaviour is being worked on)
  • Other dogs:  living without issue with the two other Dobies in the foster home / time spent around the grump Yorkie is supervised / he appears to take signals from the other dogs when they don’t want to interact with him / he and his new Dobie friends’ welcome visitors to the home together / untested with dogs outside the foster home
  • Crate training in progress / will sleep out of the crate with the 2 other Dobies at night with no issue
  • Car travel:  travelled well in the boot of the car
  • Chewing:  don’t leave personal belongings lying around he might just decide they need re-shaping (chewing)
  • Toilet training: in first couple days marked on sofa where a previous dog had marked / but has since always gone outside
  • Home alone:  untested
  • Cats:  untested
  • Special feature:  gentle when taking food from the hand

Check out his album on our Facebook page ‘Dobies at Lincs Dobermann Rescue’ for more photos and some videos.

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