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Adopted – Roma (1yr 8mth)

This pretty lady was handed into a warden’s kennels a few days after she had been bought from an internet seller, because she was not getting along with the resident dog.

This is the information the previous owner told the warden about the dog:

  • Friendly with everyone including children
  • Can be nervous around cars
  • Pulls on the lead
  • Can be left home alone

This is what the kennels saw in her:

  • Friendly – loves a fuss
  • Lacks boundaries
  • Doesn’t get over excited or show any signs of aggression to other dogs as they are walked by her kennel

She arrived in LDR foster care today (02.07.23), and so far, this is what we’ve seen:

  • People: has been friendly with those she has met so far; the fabulous people who collected her from the pound for us and the foster carer.  Jumps up when over stimulated or frustrated.
  • Other dogs: needs to be an only dog in the home / on lead – doesn’t like dogs in her space but tolerated Cora (calm neutered Dalmatian) loose in the garden whilst she was on lead / Off lead – not tested, she will need some training first and may need to be muzzled (at least initially) / Off lead but segregated by a fence and pet gate – Roma approached Cora a couple of times and then wasn’t interested in her /  She had a hand fed training dinner this evening in the garden, with Cora visible the whole time, not once did Cora appear to be a distractor for her / See the videos in her album on our Facebook rehoming page to get a clearer picture of what I’m not describing very well!
  • Travel (from warden kennels to foster home):  settled well on the back seat…but then she did have a nice gentleman to rest her head on…until they had to stop at traffic lights, then she barked
  • House trained:  yes
  • Crate: not keen on going into the crate but settles very well once in it (update 03.07.23 – now goes in without hesitation).  She clearly feels safe in the crate, she remained in a relaxed ‘down’ and didn’t make any noise when the foster carer did some training with her own dog in front of the crate.
  • Cats: probably not a good idea…she’s keen to try and sniff out the resident moggies in the foster home
  • Health:  no known health issues although we think she has had a litter of pups in the past
  • Special feature: loves Zoomies / marker word ‘toast’
  • Update 03.07.23: not concerned by thunder / likes a suckie blanket
  • Update 04.07.23: she had some free time in the garden with Cora – they weren’t interested in each other; there were no issues

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