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Adopted – Rio (boy – 10mths) & Remi (girl – 12mths)

Update: Remi – adopted / Update: Rio – adopted

Rio & Remi (has light blue fittings on her collar) were handed into another rescue a day ago. We have been contacted and arranging to bring them into our care – both are looking for a forever home.

Two of our trusted and valued volunteers have been to meet he dogs in the current rescue today and they said “they are both sweethearts”

Please don’t be put off by how they look today, given the right diet and exercise each will blossom into a stunner…making their adopter proud to have given them a fabulous life.

• They will be rehomed separately as both are still entire and too young to be neutered – the adopter will need to seek advice from their vet on the best time to do this (usually around 2yrs)
• People: friendly with the people who have transported him, who were looking after him in the other rescue and with LDR volunteers when they visited him at the other rescue and since arriving in our care
• Other dogs: get on well with each other / no issues with the many other dogs (including about 15 puppies) roaming around the ‘run’ with them whilst at the other rescue
• Car travel: settled and travelled well when transferred by the other rescue (video available)
• Home alone: unknown
• House trained: unknown
• Cats & other livestock: unknown
• Health: they are under-weight / we assume unvaccinated – adopter will need to seek guidance from their vet on starting the vaccination program / no known health issues

We have not been able to, nor will we be able to, ascertain any other information about their behaviour or medical history, however we may update this post or generate a separate post for each as we find out more…unless of course they are adopted quickly.

There are some more photos and videos in the dogs album on our Facebook page Dobies at Lincs Dobermann Rescue | Facebook please check them out.

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