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Adopted – Nigel (10mths)

He’s adorable. We know nothing of this young lad’s history due to the route he arrived in our care.  The information below is based on what we’ve seen in the first 24hrs of meeting him…remember the 3-3-3 rule for rescue dogs…having said that in a home that sets clear and consistent boundaries and gives him the physical and mental exercise he needs he will no doubt improve on the fabulous foundations that already appear to be in place. 

  • People:  friendly – he’s sweet and polite / we gave him a quick check over on first meeting and he didn’t bat an eyelid, and the same can be said when he saw the vet who checked him over thoroughly
  • Other dogs:  on lead – he gets over excited and pulls to meet other dogs / off lead – is great with spayed Dalmatian (we’ve got some great videos to the two together…it’s luuurve) whilst parked up and taking in life from the car crate (boot open) he was settled; he did see a JRT walk by and whinged a little but no more than this
  • Car travel:  travelled well in a car crate, remained settled most of the time only getting up on an odd occasion for a little whinge
  • Crate trained
  • Toilet training: did have a little sprinkle tinkle in the house on arrival / clean in his crate
  • Can be left home alone
  • Cats:  untested
  • Special feature:  helicopter tail
  • Health:  he is displaying lameness in his back right leg/foot.  The vet can’t find anything obvious (and he manipulated and pressed it every which way).  He’s booked in for an X-ray next week.  / It looks like he has broken the tip of his tail in the past – no issues with it now.

Check out his album on our Facebook page ‘Dobies at Lincs Dobermann Rescue’ for more photos and some videos of this sweet young lad.

If you are interested in adopting a Dobie please submit an adoption application

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