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Adopted – Molly (9mths)

Update: meet and greet booked with one of our fabulous ‘Dobie Mates’ (monthly contributor to the rescue). If you want to become a Dobie Mate please email us:

Molly is being rehomed through no fault of her own; due to a relationship break-up her owner has no choice but to move into a home that does not allow pets.

  • People:  friendly with everyone in the home and outside of the home but might jump up / has not lived with children but is fine when petted by them when out and about / she is not phased when in a busy city centre and settles well if a café stop is taken
  • Other dogs:  never shown signs of aggression to other dogs whilst on lead or off lead / lives with a spayed Pomeranian with no issues / Off lead – she gets over excited, play bows and gets the zoomies / can be homed with neutered male, female dogs or as an only dog
  • Can be left home alone – doesn’t chew things but will bark for a while before settling down / has not been left for more than 2 hours
  • Travels well in the car – loves it
  • House trained
  • Not crate trained / sleeps on her own bed at night
  • Loves her ball
  • Special feature:  sleeps upside down

She is currently still with her owner and won’t be available for adoption until mid to late September, however, to minimise the disruption and stress to Molly we want to have a suitable adopter in place before then (if possible).

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If you are interested in adopting a Dobie, please submit an adoption application.

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