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Adopted – Miss Norwich (aka Dixie) – 8yrs 4mths

This girl will make someone a wonderful companion – she’s always got her happy face on.  All she really needs is a comfortable bed to rest on, a decent sized garden to play, run and sniff in, a human to give her a fuss, and to be the only dog in the home.

She is currently in foster care whilst we try to find her a forever home, unfortunately if we don’t find one soon, she may have to go into kennels whilst we continue to find her special human/s.

There are some heart-warming photos and videos in her album on our Facebook page: Dobies at Lincs Dobermann Rescue | Facebook

  • People:  has been friendly with everyone she has met / no issues when taken to vet for a full ‘once over’ – the vet said “she’s lovely” / there were no problems giving her a bath
  • Other dogs: on lead – likely to snap if another dog gets in her space…this might come without warning / off lead – unknown / we tried to put her into foster care with 2 other Dobies (neutered male and female) but this did not work out and so she will be homed as an only dog / has been off lead with another Dobie (male) on opposite side of the fence – she decided he was worth a sniff through the fence and appeared comfortable with him (video available)
  • House trained
  • Traffic:  not bothered by passing traffic
  • Tail spinning: demonstrated this a lot when she first arrived but this has calmed down a bit – she does do it when she’s on her own – an antler or horn inside helps stop this, it will stop outside if entertained with a football
  • Sleeps:  a bit ‘whittery’ at first but settled and remained in a room on her own overnight whilst she was in foster care until she was got up at 7am
  • Crate trained: unknown
  • Home alone:  we believe that she can be left for a few hours based on the fact that she is fine on her own at night & when the foster carers leave her in the house to work out on the small holding, she doesn’t destroy anything, and they’ve not heard barking
  • Cats:  untested
  • Livestock:  foster carer has donkeys – she is relaxed around them; inquisitive but does not react to them (photo available)
  • Likes:  a good fuss from her hoomans

Health check at vets on 20.02.24

  • skin/fur:  coat is patchy but shines. Special shampoo has helped – fosterers continue to bath her with this. Her tail down one side doesn’t have a lot of hair on it and is a bit flaky but no sores (may have had) but is improving
  • may have had at least one litter of pups
  • heart: no issues detected
  • mastitis: had antibiotics and infection now cleared up, teats should return to normal over time
  • weight: she is overweight.  Weight on 20.02.24 = 39.4kg / target weight is 35kg

If you are interested in adopting this happy golden oldie or any other dog that comes into our care please submit an adoption application via our website: Adoption Application Form – Lincs Dobermann Rescue

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