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Adopted – Millie (4.5yrs – neutered)

Currently in foster care with a trainer who said, “she is very sweet, responds to her name, but there is some reactivity towards other dogs, but nothing crazy – I’ve helped far worse.”

Millie needs to be the only dog in the home, she is looking for a home with someone who will continue her training, build trust, and provide the structure and leadership she needs to lead her best life.   

  • People:  good with people inside the home / can be initially weary of people outside the home / has lived with children
  • Other dogs: 
    • needs to be the only dog in the home
    • on lead – she becomes uncomfortable, and reacts, if other dogs get to close
    • the trainer is working on her emotional issues around other dogs and has been successful in walking her (on lead) around and with another dog
    • when in her safe place (her crate) she is comfortable with other dogs milling around
  • House trained:  we were told that she has accidents in the home but since arriving with the trainer and being crate trained, she has been clean in the home
  • Crate trained:  sleeps in it at night / when left home alone
  • Home alone:  if left in her crate she can be left home alone, if a crate is not used she may be over-whelmed and become destructive and noisy
  • Travels well in the car
  • Cats:  not a good idea
  • Livestock:  just like with other dogs she needs guidance if around livestock
  • Health:  no known health issues, although she was over-weight when she arrived in our care

Millie is available for meet and greets, and whilst she is with the trainer, you will get help and support during meets on how best to give Millie the life she deserves. 

Millie, A Rescued Dobermann
Millie, a Rescue Dobermann

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