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Adopted – Jax (2yrs)

  • People:  friendly with everyone he has met, both in the foster home and out on group pack walks and training sessions / walked in town and settled in a ‘down’ in cafes and pedestrian areas around shoppers and other dogs / not shown any signs of resource guarding food or toys around people
  • Other dogs:  on lead – likely to pull towards other dogs / strong puller – will need training and a competent handler / has not been off lead with other dogs
  • House trained
  • Can be left home alone
  • Crate trained: sleeps in it at night and when left home alone
  • Car travel:  travels well
  • No issue with fast moving objects (e.g. cars, cyclists, joggers)
  • Cats & livestock:  unknown
  • Play: loves to play fetch, tug and has a great “out” / would be good at nose work (e.g. tracking/trailing)
  • A house lead is used whilst he is at liberty in the foster home; this is allowing the foster carer to implement boundaries and address unwanted behaviours (e.g. counter surfing).  Once settled and the house rules are clear the house lead would not be needed.

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Jax laying in the long grass
Jax laying quietly in cafe

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