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Adopted – George (14mths)

There are some wonderful photos and videos in his album on our Facebook page (4) Dobies at Lincs
Dobermann Rescue | Facebook
, please check them out as they really give you a feel for the potential this happy smiley fabulous Dobie boy has.

  • People:  nervous with new people entering the home and strangers outside of the home / has lived with kids in a previous home / the nerves are displayed as cowering, esp around men he doesn’t know but he does get used to people after a few meets
  • Other dogs:  nervous on lead so does bark (appears reactive) / good off lead with other dogs / goes to daycare once a week with other dogs and gets on well with the dogs / lives with a 1yr old cocker spaniel x vizsla (bitch) / George lets the bitch take food and toys out of his mouth
  • Can be left home alone / shut in the kitchen when they are at work
  • Travels well in the car
  • Livestock:  has been around horses in a previous home
  • Sleeps:  on the sofa
  • Likes: the seaside and playing in water / sucks on blankets / chewing shoes and blankets
  • Dislikes: new things, for example a large delivery box can make him nervous
  • Special feature:  spinning cartwheels when he plays with the resident bitch / likes to sit his bottom on you regardless of where you are
  • Placid in the home / relaxed and cuddly / can be touched anywhere / he settled into current home immediately

A direct rehome is planned for this dog. This means that he will not have to go into foster care or kennels as he’ll go from his current home directly to the adopter’s home; it means he doesn’t have to go through more change than is necessary. If you are interested in adopting a dog like George then please ensure you have submitted an adoption application via our website so that we are able to contact you as rehoming requests for dogs like George are submitted to us.

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    • Thank you for you for submitting an adoption application, someone will process it in the next couple of days and send you a copy of our standard response. We are currently in talks with someone with regards to George, but we’ve made a note on your application that you are interested in him and will be in touch to discuss your application and George if the current potential adopter decides it’s a ‘no’ from them.

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