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Adopted – Dexter (10mths)

This larger-than-life boy, with a tail that doesn’t stop wagging, has just arrived in our care, he will be transferred to kennels in the next couple of days to make space for another planned arrival (TBC)

  • People: friendly with everyone inside and outside of the home but can be mouthy and jump up / he is always super excited to see people but out on walks ignores people and just carries on walking / he interacts with everyone the same way; bouncing jumping and excitable spins / not been around children
  • Other dogs:  good on and off lead – excitable, wants to play / has not lived with another dog but has been for ‘play dates’ with other dogs in their homes
  • Travels well in the car
  • Can be left home alone (has ripped his bed up in the past)
  • Not crate trained, although now in foster care some work will be done on this
  • Not 100% house trained – lived in a flat and owners medical issues meant the dog didn’t have a choice sometimes!  So far, he has not toileted in the foster home, but his toilet breaks are being managed with the use crate time and adequate opportunities to go in the garden
  • Cats: untested
  • He’s had little training and boundary setting
  • Breeding (what we’ve been told):  Dad – European Dobie / Mum – ¾ Dobie ¼ Staffie

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