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Adopted – Cleo (2yrs – neutered)

This beautiful girl did a walk in Derbyshire with Cora (Dally) and me (foster carer).  She was fabulous on lead and showed no interest in passing people, dogs, or cyclists but she was a bit unsure of herself at times…oh, and she dodged a puddle for which I was grateful because I had a long line on her 😊

  • People:  friendly with everyone and good with children
  • Other dogs:  on lead – calm, off lead – boisterous / dominates other dogs in the home and so ideally suited as an only dog
  • Muzzle trained
  • House trained
  • Crate trained:  sleeps in it at night and when left home alone
  • Will take things that don’t belong to her
  • Home alone:  can be left home alone (crated)
  • Travels well in the car
  • Livestock:  sits for passing horses / not met sheep or cows…she saw sheep and cows in fields adjacent to the path on her Derbyshire walk…they stopped her in her tracks but after I’d given her a moment to take it all in she recalled to me.

Check out her album, in the media section of our rehoming Facebook page ‘Dobies at Lincs Dobermann Rescue, for the videos of her Derbyshire walk and more.

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