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Adopted – Blu (6mths)

  • People:  good with people inside and outside the home, but can be nervous when a visitor first arrives / lives with children (4 & 2yrs), but doesn’t realise how big he is
  • Other dogs:  on lead – interested but not OTT / off lead – excitable, wants to play / got on well with friends Collie and Lab (older dogs) and Lhasa Apso (family members dog)
  • Crate trained
  • Home alone:  can be left for up to 5hrs (crated)
  • Sleeps in his crate/ pen at night
  • Cats:  unknown
  • Travels well in the car (harness clipped in the boot)
  • Likes:  people / lrg rubber ball / food
  • Special feature:  when he goes out for a wee, he puts back legs on decking and font legs on garden, head down!
  • Training:  has been to puppy obedience classes
  • When he hears people moving in the morning 9getting up) he does moan until he gets some tlc and his breakie.

A direct rehome is planned for this dog.  This means that he will not have to go into foster care or kennels as he’ll go from his current home directly to the adopter’s home; it means he doesn’t have to go through more change than is necessary. If you are interested in adopting a dog like Blu then please ensure you have submitted an adoption application via our website so that we are able to contact you as rehoming requests for dogs like Blu are submitted to us.

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4 thoughts on “Adopted – Blu (6mths)”

  1. Hello I have owned 2 Doberman dogs in the last 8 years, and am very keen to show interest in BlU, I live in Royton/oldham and met ANN EDWARDS through walking my 2 Doberman dogs , unfortunately JESS I had to give up to ANNE due to divorce reasons 5 years ago , and most recently had to put TOBY to sleep due to illnesses.
    Before that I had a rough haired jack Russel MAX for 16 years.
    I’ve always lived around large and small dogs all my life and my family would love to take the position of owner for BLU.
    He would be welcomed with lots of love and friendship.
    I have a large home which I live with my 2 teenage kids and 30 year old daughter.
    I live a short walk away to oldham edge forests and playing fields.
    We would love to be a contender for this lovely brown Doberman.
    Thank you wayne.

    • Hi Wayne. We would love to find a fabulous Dobie for you. We always contact those on the waiting list (who have already submitted an adoption application) before contacting speculative enquiries. When we match a dog to your application and get in touch with you we’ll discuss the process and meet and greet options.
      Blu currently has a potential adopter (meet n greet booked) but just in case it doesn’t go to plan it might be worth submitting an adoption application.
      Regards, Lincs Dobermann Rescue

  2. Hi Julie I will submit the application in morning as I’ve tried 2/3 times and it keeps saying field required..
    And know it’s not a blow off I am interested.
    Thanks Wayne.

    • mmm, not sure what is going on there then?! You have to put something in every box I think even if its an NA or hiya…the funnier the better so it makes the person processing the applications smile. Good luck 4th time round. If you still can’t do it we’ll sort it another way but I’m away for a few days so it won’t be until after I get back. All the best Julie

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