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Adopted – Anya (6mths)

  • People: excitable when meeting new people inside and outside of the home / has not lived with children / has never exhibited any of the following behaviours:  growled, shown teeth, snapped, bitten anyone
  • Other dogs: lives with a 10yr old Pug but on occasion picks it up by the scruff of the neck and ‘ragging’ it / under socialised – will walk past other dogs at distance but if too close likely to react (pulls and jumps around on the end of the lead like a kangaroo and has redirected her frustration onto the Pug) / attended puppy school a couple of times but is not comfortable in this environment
  • Environment:  under socialised – nervous around traffic and other things in the environment
  • Cats & livestock:  untested
  • Crate trained:  sleeps in it at night
  • Can be left home alone for 2 to 3hrs:  she’s left in a ‘dog pen’
  • Travels well in the car
  • Not house trained
  • Likes:  a large squeaky carrot!
  • Special feature:  she remains in the dog pen when left home alone but she does move it around the house with her!

Anya already has a meet and greet with one of our previous adopters. We are always looking for new adopters and so if you are interested in adopting a Dobie and have the time and experience to help a rescue Dobie be the best version of itself please complete an adoption application (via this website).

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