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Hi, I’m Penny (aka Miss Pendle)

Penny was a stray; underweight (around 19 kilos), scabby and under socialised and so at first she was put into foster care to help improve her health and assess her a little further. Eventually she was rehomed with a lovely family who also had a neutered male Dalmatian.

Things were very difficult for the new adopters in the beginning, Penny was causing issues with the Dalmatian and her ‘off’ switch was hard to find so they brought in a fabulous trainer and very quickly things started to improve…she remains in the home to this day. They helped her find her ‘off’ switch and the issues with the Dalmatian have been resolved.

Quote from the Adopter

“Penny weighs 27kg now, on the 21st March she weighed 21kg, so it’s going on slowly but surely. She is such a happy girl and loves being our new Meeter and Greeter at work”