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Jagger (7yrs)

Jagger is currently in foster and waiting for the right home. This 7-year-old boy is easy going dog in the home. He is a sweet boy who loves interacting with people. It Doesn’t seem to matter who, his only requirement is that you acknowledge him.

He will jump up but he is easily discouraged and will learn quickly that keeping all four feet in the floor is best.

He sleeps through the night and likes a lie in.

In his current foster home he lives and interacts with the resident female dog. He has to be kept separate from the resident male.

He is not good with cats. His response to the resident cats hints at his drive to chase and catch anything that moves outside. Cats, birds, livestock and other dogs are all on his list of things to chase and catch.

He has some arousal issues outside but generally is easy to handle on a lead.

His new home should expect to put some further work into loose lead walking, he will benefit from general obedience including recall.

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