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Darby (2.5yrs) – adoption pending

Currently in kennels in the Warrington area.  A gorgeous girl who loves to please her hooman as can be seen in some of the videos in her album.

  • People:  she’s friendly with everyone she has met (LDR volunteers & kennel staff) /not lived with children / shown no signs of resource guarding around people
  • Other dogs: on lead – leash frustration (barks and pulls towards other dogs)  / off lead – good with careful introduction / with a bit of work she can be around other dogs whilst on lead as can be seen in the videos and on the photos (please check out her album in our Facebook Group)
  • Home alone:  can be left for 4 hrs (non-destructive in the home)
  • Car travel:  jumps in and out of the car crate with no issues / can be unsettled initially but does eventually settle
  • A smart cookie willingly and rapidly offers behaviours for reward; over anticipates and offers every behaviour possible for reward without listening to what’s being asked for – needs work
  • Food & toy motivated
  • Cats:  not cat friendly
  • Special feature: likes to sit and watch fireworks
  • Other:  soft mouthed / bouncy and active / she’s a typical leaner and ‘velcro’ dog / shown good door manners / good when walking around traffic

Check out more photos and videos of this dog and others on our Facebook page Dobies at Lincs Dobermann Rescue | Facebook

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