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Bruno (11mths) – adoption pending

  • People:  usually friendly but he does sometimes nip when he’s spooked e.g. if some approaches from behind, he’s never broken skin or fabric…in the home he doesn’t do the nipping thing / not lived with children / never shown signs of resource guarding toys around people / he’s been to a food festival and was great with the people and the other dogs / sometimes goes to London and is walked with no issues around people or other dogs
  • Other dogs:  lives with a Springer Spaniel (entire male 6.5yrs) and mixed with family and friend’s dogs with no issues / on lead – excited, over eager, pulls towards them wanting to play / Off lead – with family and friends dog in the house in, the garden, and out and about he’s fine / not been off lead with dogs he doesn’t know…because his recall is rubbish! / if on long line and sees another dog he looks and watches and is happy to come back / video available of him around the resident springer and a toy – no signs of resource guarding
  • Travels well in the car
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Can be left home alone – crated (might bark for 5 or 10 minutes but then settles down)
  • Cats:  untested
  • Water:  walks through puddles
  • Likes:  play time with toys
  • Special feature: he’s quite a chilled-out puppy / likes to rest his head on your knee

A direct rehome is planned for this dog. This means that the dog will not have to go into foster care or kennels; it’ll go from its current home directly to the adopter’s home, which means the dog doesn’t have to go through more change than is necessary. If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs you see, then please ensure you have submitted an adoption application via our website so that we are able to contact you as rehoming requests for dogs are submitted to us.

There are some more photos and videos in the dogs album on our Facebook page (1) Dobies at Lincs Dobermann Rescue | Facebook please check them out.

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