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easter fun dog show

The results for all classes at the show on 1st April 2024

Best in show

Max, a Dobermann – Owner – Brendan O’Rourke

Reserve Best in Show

Autumn, a Labrador – Owner – Janet Gerard

Best Trick In Show

Autumn, a Labrador – Owner – Janet Gerard

Reserve Best Trick In Show

Betty, a Cockapoo – Owner – Annie

Puppy Class

1st Hunny, a Minature Dachshund

2nd Koal, a Dobermann

3rd Borris, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog

4th Buddy, a Pug

Lovely Lady Class

1st Skyla, a Dobermann

2nd Aurora, a Husky

3rd Dottie

4th Mavis,a Dachshund

Fab Fella Class

1st Lewis

2nd Max, a Dobermann

3rd Baxter, a Beagle

4th Dave

Waggiest Tail Class

1st Puddin

2nd Teddy Bear

3rd Ollie, a King Charles Spaniel

4th Boomer, a Sealyham

Best Rescue – Male Class

1st Archie, a Dobermann


3rd Louis, a Pomeranian

4th Max, a Dobermann

Best Rescue – Female Class

1st Gypsy, a Staffordshire Terrier

2nd Lola, a Cocker Spaniel

3rd Skyla, a Dobermann

4th Sadie, a Goldendoodle

Best Trick Class

1st Autumn, a Labrador

2nd Skyla, a Dobermann

3rd Patch, a Border Jack

4th Betty, a Cockapoo

Best Legs Class

1st Max, a Dobermann

2nd Denzil

3rd Bernard, a Booleys

4th Samson, a German Shepherd

Best Veteran Class

1st Yoda

2nd Saxo

3rd Barney, a Jack Russell

4th Molly

Best Condition Class

1st Bree, a Bauceron

2nd Nooroo

3rd Boomer, a Sealyham

4th Puddin

Congratulations to all the entrants and thank you to everyone who came along for supporting Lincs DobermannRescue

See you next year, watch the website for details