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  • People:  a little nervous with new people inside and outside of the home but interested and does approach for petting / lives with a 4yr & 6yr child – largely ignores them, is on a house lead to help manage times of over excitement
  • Other dogs:  on lead – calm, interested and wants to play / Off lead – never been off lead / lives with a 10yr Male neutered Staffy but this dog is not accepting of her
  • Crate trained – sleeps in her crate at night
  • Can be left home alone – in crate
  • Travels well in the car – clipped into the front seat or in the boot, but might nibble or tug on something if in the boot (recommend a car crate)
  • House trained
  • Cats: not tested
  • Loves:  her flirt pole and balls / loves scent work
  • Dislikes:  not keen on loud bangs or sliding van doors or bins on bin day
  • Training:  she usually gets 2 short training session/day in her current home / goes to training classes once a week /
  • Marker system:  clicker trained

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2 Responses

  1. We would love to know if mabel is spayed or not?
    We have an entire male that we can’t have neutered due to surgery problems. However we really feel like we are ready for another pup.
    If she is spayed and someone hasn’t already taken her could we book a meet and greet? Also If we did could we bring our boy just to see what he thinks too. Don’t want to rush into anything.
    He is friendly

    1. Hi Courtney. Mabel is not neutered; she is too young yet for neutering and, as noted on the post, she does have a meet and greet booked already. We would like to find the right Dobie girl for you, although we don’t get many neutered ladies in we do get some, the best thing to do is submit an adoption application so that you get on our waiting list. We always contact those on the waiting list (who have already submitted and adoption application) before contacting speculative enquiries. When we match a dog to your application and get in touch with you we’ll discuss the process and meet and greet options. Regards, Lincs Dobermann Rescue.

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