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Adopted – Zeus (14mths)

  • People:  good with strangers inside and outside of the home / good with older kids (not been exposed to young children)
  • Other dogs: a dog attacked him when he was 7 months old on his lead so he’s a bit weary / taken to an enclosed field to let off lead / sometimes walked by a relative who has a Miniature Pinscher which he plays fine, when out with them he walks past other dongs without incident
  • House trained
  • Sleeps:  on his chair in the living room
  • Can be left home alone for a couple of hours / starts whining after a couple of hours
  • Has not shown any signs of resource guarding food or toys
  • Car travel:  jumps around…gets excited because he thinks he knows where he is going / travels on the back seat with a harness and clipped in / we advise a crate or boot with guard between boot and back seat
  • Cats:  untested
  • Fine with fast moving objects (e.g. cars, cyclists and joggers)
  • Has never exhibited any of the following behaviours:  growled / shown teeth / snapped / bitten anyone
  • Dislikes:  fireworks
  • Likes:  playing with his toys
  • Special feature:  likes to suckle on a jumper

A direct rehome is planned for this dog. This means that the dog will not have to go into foster care or kennels; it’ll go from its current home directly to the adopter’s home, which means the dog doesn’t have to go through more change than is necessary. If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs you see, then please ensure you have submitted an adoption application via our website so that we are able to contact you as rehoming requests for dogs are submitted to us.

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