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Adopted – Toby (10mths)

• People:
– strangers to the home – goes for a fuss when they arrive / strangers outside of the home – not bothered
– kids: good – lives with a 2yr old boy / might sniff and lick them
– has never shown any signs of resource guarding toys or food around people
– has not displayed any of the following behaviours around people: growled / shown teeth / snapped / bitten anyone
• Other dogs: on lead – excitable wants to play / Off lead – will run off to try and engage in play / the resident 4yr entire female Staffie X Frenchie growls and snaps at him – he moves away (now kept separated)
• Cats: untested / Livestock: untested
• No issues with fast moving objects (e.g. cars, cyclists & joggers)
• Travels well in the car – takes a bit of encouragement to get in but fine once in vehicle
• Can be left home alone (4hrs+) – must be crated/in his pen as likely to be destructive (e.g. destroy personal items…a shoe or two might be redesigned)
• Sleeps: in a utility room in a dog pen (was crate trained when a pup)
• House trained: signal to go out…he starts pacing…might whine to go out
• Current exercise: he gets most of it in the garden, taken out 1/week when owner has help as she finds it hard with the pram and with big strong Toby on lead
• Likes: playing with his toys (doesn’t have a favourite) / dog wood or antler when left home alone
• Training:
– known commands: sit / down / paw / wait
– marker word is ‘yes’ – the videos show he understands this – if you are not clear on how to use a marker word correctly, please ask us or engage a trainer so that this can be harnessed…don’t waste it!
• Special feature: likes to look regal – crosses his legs when in a ‘down’

There are some more photos and videos in the dogs album on our Facebook page (1) Dobies at Lincs Dobermann Rescue | Facebook please check them out.

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