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Adopted – Sapphire (B&T) & Ruby (Brown) – 1yr

These beautiful girls are litter mates – currently living together, they can be rehomed together or separately.

  • People:  good with everyone inside and outside of the home / friendly and inquisitive – excitable and might jump up / not been around children
  • Other dogs:  good on and off lead / plays and lives well with her sister / often walked with friends dogs (Cane Corso, Chihuahua & Spaniel)
  • Can be left home alone / once per week a dog walker takes them out separately so have been left home alone without their sister – no issues, although Ruby took a little longer to settle than Saffy
  • Crate trained:  used at night and when left home alone, takes herself off to her crate for downtime (they share a crate)
  • Travel well in the car
  • Cats:   untested
  • Training:  attended Kennel Club training each week for 4mths
  • Other:  not been allowed upstairs in the home, although will try to sneak up!
  • Feature:  not keen on water but love a bit a mud…see videos in their album

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2 thoughts on “Adopted – Sapphire (B&T) & Ruby (Brown) – 1yr”

    • Hi P E Martin

      Thank you for your interest in Ruby, however we have found a home for her. Sapphire the B&T girl is still available. If you haven’t already done so, it is a good idea to submit an adoption application ahead of spotting a dog that you are interested in; we always contact potential adopters who have already submitted and adoption application prior to contact those that haven’t yet done so.

      Best wishes, Lincs Dobermann Rescue

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