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Adopted – Kovu (1yr 9mths)

• People:
– strangers arriving at the home – can be very vocal/excited when first sees someone coming up to the house but then when they are in the house he is loving and cuddly
-strangers outside of the home – good, will seek attention from them if permitted
– children – great with 10yr old he lives with and will lay next to the crib of 3-month-old family members child
-has never shown any signs of resource guarding toys or food around people
– has not displayed any of the following behaviours around people: growled / shown teeth / snapped / bitten anyone
• Other dogs: on lead – he might give them a little bark – he wants to play / off lead – wants to go play, if agreed with other dog owners, he is let off lead to go play and have fun / plays with family JRT / lived with a Staffie (4yr entire female…she was the boss, if she said go away he went and found a quite space) / goes on group Dobie walks …he’s the biggest boy in the group
• Cats: get vocal if he sees one / Livestock: can be vocal toward sheep, not been around other livestock
• House trained: signal to go out – he will paw the back door, might give a short woof if you are not in the room
• Sleeps: on his dog bed downstairs
• He can be left home alone (4hrs+) – no destructive tendencies
• Travels well in the car
• No issues with fast moving objects (e.g. cars, cyclists & joggers)
• Current exercise/walks: 1hr in the morning & 1hr in the evening
• Likes: a muddy puddle
• Special feature: can jump over a standard baby gate, so needs the tall pet gate / can turn on push handle taps / can open the fridge / opens back door to garden if it’s not locked…he’s a cheeky chappie!

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